Increase Smartphone Battery Backup without Power bank

Nowadays, technology is everywhere all over the world. Most of the technology users use a smartphone. Now smartphone has a lot of features. Many users face the main problem with the smartphone and that is its battery backup. To avoid this problem, most of the users use power bank. I am going to discuss to increase the battery backup of your smartphone without any power bank in this article. I have given 5 tips to increase the battery life of your smartphone.

Increase Smartphone Battery Backup without Power bank

Tips to Increase Smartphone Battery Life :
  1. Most of the users use the fast charger to charge phone very fastly. Now 70 % of smartphone users use the fast charger to charge quickly. But I recommend you to keep in mind that before using the fast charger, make sure about your smartphone’s capability. Be sure that your phone has the capability to take charge from the fast charger or not. But I always say that charge your phone by using the charger made of your phone’s manufacturing company.
  2. Always keep maintaining to brightness to prevent from your eye and reduce battery life. Don’t use auto brightness option. Turn off the option always to keep more battery backup of your smartphone. Keep brightness as your eye capacity and relative to your surroundings brightness. That means when you stay in outdoor increase brightness when you want, but in the night at home reduce brightness.
  3. Uninstall the useless application from your phone. Many users install an application but they don’t use that or that is useless for him, but they don’t uninstall them. It is the proper reason for short life battery. Beside this, you can turn off background data of some particular application which you don’t use every time.
  4. Always keep a distance of your phone from heavy temperature. But also very low temperature can spoil your phone’s battery. So, keep that in a pleasant weather to increase the battery life of your phone.
  5. Avoid some battery saving application because those are not for save battery life. Those applications stop some option like WiFi, cellular data, auto brightness, background data etc. When you easily can stop those options then why you use those applications?

Extra useless application means extra battery life. You don’t need any applications like those. Just follow these 5 rules and increase battery backup of your mobile.

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