Blogging is your Passion : Make a Perfect Blog

Many people have a dream to create blog as a passion. Everyone wants to make their blog or website more perfect and more gorgeous to users. Everyone has a different ideas about create a blog like online business, selling products, product reviews, share news & update etc. You have to choose a unique category of your blog which you love. Don.t think like technical blog has more popularity or online product selling is profitable and so others. Don’t be like that. If you think that, I challenge you that you can’t get success on blogging platform. Think some different. Think, what you can do, what do you know. That’s it, share your visitors. Choose this category, which you love. It is a not a platform of copy & paste. You can’t get success, if you choose a copy & paste blogging. There is a Copyright Claim Policy and I don’t want to go discuss about this. I will definitely told about in a other post. My main message for blogging is “Give lecture on your blog or website about your ideas“.


Now, I am going to discuss how you create a perfect blog. First off all you can choose Google Blog or WordPress platform for your blog. I would recommended you to choose WordPress for your blog for many features of WordPress. You should use WordPress to arrange your blog more beautiful & more attractive.


1. Custom Domain :

At first,you should buy a custom domain for your website or blog with a unique domain name to get popularity. A custom domain can be more attractive to users. You also create blog as (WordPress) or (Google Blog). But in this post, I am talking about create a perfect blog, not only create a blog. So, at first you should buy a custom domain for your blog.


2. Website Hosting :

After buying a custom domain, choose a web hosting plan and buy this. You can ask me why you need this? I told you first for custom domain. So, you need to create a business email (optional). But you need to do a SSL certificate for you website or blog. Because a secure website is only safe for users and it will be more attractive to users. When a padlock show before your website address then users will more comfortable to view your website.

These were the details of platforms where you will create you website or blog. Now I will talk about your post details.


Post on your Blog :

When you are going to post about a topic in your website or blog, you need to keep maintain some useful things to make your blog more perfect. I am going to tell about about these in below.


1. Title :

You should give a proper title of your post. Keep attention that post title should be appropriate relative to post topic. It will very simple and meaningful that users can understand about the content of post. Don’t give a long title, just maintain 10 – 15 words in the title.


2. Feature Image :

Every post may not have a feature image but try to give a feature image in post. It can be more attractive for your blog post. As a title. feature image also be meaningful and relative about the content of your post.


3. Share Button :

In below and above section, must give share button. Users can share this post easily and quickly by clicking these share button. It is more attractive for blog post and helpful for blog readers. To clear your concept of share button what I have given in below. It is a post of Star Motion.

if are using or, you can use Jetpack to show share button in your blog post easily and quickly.


4. Tag :

Give 5 – 6 tags for your post to improve your blog in search engine. Users can also find this post by typing relative tag. But keep in mind, don’t give others tag which is not relative to your blog post.


5. Length :

Every post should have 600 – 800 words. It will be a proper length. But it may be that some post will be very long and some post will be short as the topic of your post. To make long length of your post, don’t use any useless informations that is not relative to your post.


6. Comment :

Put a comment section in below of every post. In this section, blog readers can comment about your post and you also give reply to them. In this way, you can build a good relationship with your readers. It is also a proper way to make more traffic in your website or blog.


Beside all these, keep attention to other things and I have given below.

  • Use Ordered List or Unordered List in post for any process related item.
  • Give reply to user when they comment in your post.
  • Use latest new or topic for your post.

These are very useful to blogging. You can find many other ways to create blog post. I will suggest you keep in mind all these tips. I can definitely make a perfect blog post. However, I have given other some information to create perfect blog.


1. Subscribe :

To get more traffic in your website or blog, use email subscription in your website or blog. When users subscribe to newsletter by using email subscription, they will get information as email of your new post and update as your setting of email subscription. If you are using WordPress, then I will suggest you to use Jetpack to use email subscription widget in blog.



2. Analytics :

You should use Google Analytics to see daily traffic of your website or blog. With analytics, you will see that up and down of traffic of your website. It is very useful for blogger to blogging. If you are using WordPress you can use Jetpack to see page view or use Google Analytics by using Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights.


3. Promote :

After giving 10 -15 posts in your blog, you should promote your page by any service. I would recommended you to use Google Adwords for this. But keep in mind, when you think that your blog has enough contents then you promote your website or blog.


By using these process you can create a perfect blog. I have suggested you all these. What is your decision? Reply me in comment box. I am waiting for your note.

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