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Are you want to know about Dropshipping? If your answer is “YES” then it is the right place to learn about this business idea from beginner to professional. This idea is very popular in the United States and is trending in India. Everyone has a dream to earn money and now online business is very popular and easy method to earn online because the reason is you don’t need to go anywhere and also you will do this by sitting at home and by using a laptop with an internet connection.


Needed Item For Dropshipping :

You need 3 items to success in Dropshipping that are,

  • A laptop or a smartphone.
  • An internet connection on your device.
  • Some business ideas. If you don’t have any ideas about this business model, then read carefully the part below.

What is Dropshipping | The Beginner to Dropshipping - Star Motion Tips

Are you going to start the online drop shipping business? In this article, I have told about this business idea for yours. If you want to subscribe our blog, then enter your email on right section and subscribe. Thereafter, an email will come to you. Open the email and confirm to get the new update from Star Motion.


The dropshipping is relative to online product selling. But when you start your online selling business in an online as online shopping mall then you need to set many things such as a godown to keep safe your products, shipping methods, apparatus to deliver your products to buyers, and marketing of your products etc. But dropshipping has an alternate method because here you don’t need your own products. Here in drop shipping, the main motto is,

  • Advertise others product on your online web store.
  • Marketing those to reach people.
  • When anyone buys any product, ship the product from the main website to buyers address.


If you ask me that buyers will understand that you ship others products to them, then I would suggest you that now many popular gift items released, try to ship the product by using gifting methods. Because when you use this method then there will no original e-commerce company name on the product. Herer, you need to set many ideas to avoid those problems. But I would like to say that when buyers will satisfy your product then they don’t look to the original e-commerce company.


I know you have another question about this. That is how you earn from this. So, I would suggest three techniques to solve your problem.


Main Tools :
  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Cashback and Gift card.
  3. Blog or Website


The affiliate marketing is an easy method to earn money. Affiliate marketing is advertising others product to sell those and get commission form the e-commerce company. But you have to build a great traffic for this. I would suggest you that share your affiliate link on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Because this is the huge platform where you will get free traffic from your Facebook friends. Twitter followers etc.


The second one that I have told you is cash back and gift card. when you buy any product and ship to others address, then many e-commerce companies provide gift cards and cash back to you. I am suggesting you use the cash back and the gift card to buy more product for buyers. Then you will get your profit.


The third one is the most important technique to increase your profit money and dropshipping business. Two systems you need to create first, and those are,

  1. Website or Blog
  2. Advertiser or Sponsorship on the Website or Blog.


Only a blogger know that he/she how much get from an advertiser of their blog such as Google Adsense, Media.net, Propeller ads, Revenue Hits etc. If you have any website or blog then I would suggest you create an e-commerce store section on this. The reason for using the technique is that you can earn from many places such as the advertiser, sponsor, and also product buyers. This is a huge step to earn more and more money from this Dropshipping business. If you think that you can earn $1000 in 1 day then you are absolutely wrong. Start the business step by step and follow Star Motion Tips to become a successful drop shipping businessman.

Slow but steady, wins the race.


If you have any queries about Dropshipping, don’t hesitate to write in the comment section or on Contact Us page.

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