3 Simple Ways to Choose Blog Topics for Your Blog


Have you any blog? Want to post for your audience to get more traffic? Then, the post is for you. First of all, the focus of your blog category to find blog topic. It is very important due to sign up for any advertising networks like Google Adsense, Media.net etc to show them the particular category of your blog. Now, I am going to talk about how to find blog post topic for your viewers to grow more traffic. In this post, I have given 3 ways to do this.


Latest Blog Topic :

You have to keep yourself updated with latest news and update. If you have any cook related blog, then find the lastest recipe or if you have a technical blog then you have to see latest news and update on technology.

3 Simple Ways to Choose Blog Topics for Your Blog

I recommended you to the fact that keeps update and be updated on latest things. Search 1 - 2 hours for the latest thing about your blog category. Keep reading such as magazine, newspaper, other blogs etc. You can easily find your blog topic to your audience. When you give the latest information to your viewers then you can easily get more traffic on your blog.

Hubspot :

Click Here to generate blog idea from Hubspot. First of all, choose three keywords on which you want to create your blog post. Then follow the rule that I have given below.

  • Type your three keywords in those box in Hubspot (Noun 1, Noun 2, Noun 3).
  • Click on search to get blog idea.
  • If you are not satisfied with generating blog idea then refresh. You will get another idea for your blog post for your blog audience.

If you want to make a perfect blog within 5 minutes then click on "Click Here" button.

Portent :

Portent is like as Hubspot but it is collect best keywords to create an SEO title for your post. Do as same in Portent to generate a content idea. Click Here to go directly into Portent. Find the topic title for your keywords and think post material. You will get blog topic easily by using these processes.

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