Gmail have launched their Biggest Update after 5 years

Almost 70% of email users use Gmail. First of all, I would like to say that if you don't have any Gmail account then create your account and sign in for use their many latest feature. Recently they have launched their biggest update after 5 years for their users. Users can get many facilities from these new features. The biggest change is that they add Artificial Technology with this. In this post, I am going to discuss the new features.

Snooze :

Users could many shortcuts in Gmail such as delete, arcid, mark as read etc before the update. But in this update users have got a new feature called Snooze. You can get the Snooze option at the top right corner of Inbox.

Risk Warning :

If an email comes from a suspicious source or is a spam then a risk message shown like 'This message seems dangerous'. Besides the option, users will get an option called 'Delete Now'. Then users can delete the message at a moment quickly.

Not only in the Web version but also you can get those new features on mobile. With the help of AI Technology, users can get many facilities like the smart reply, email snoozing, snoozing etc.

Email Snoozing :

If you don't want to read an email, then you can put this in snooze mode. You can set a custom time to see that email. If you don't want to see that time you can snooze the email again with other custom time.

See Attachment Without Click :

After this update, users can see any attachment in an email without any click. When you open an email, then you will see the attachment automatically in the email. This feature will very useful to users to see any attachment in an email.

Confidential Mode :

You can set your email as a confidential mode. You can easily customize your email by stopping many features such as forward, reply, copy and print. When you active this confidential mode, anyone can't do those action at their end.

Native Offline Mode :

You can work in offline without internet in Gmail. You can work in this offline mode for an email. But you can do for any email for just 90 days only. This offline mode is one of the best features of the update. The native offline mode feature seems like work in Google Docs in offline.

Reply :

Besides those features, Gmail reminds you of a reply. Gmail will set a bunch of feature message for auto-reply. When if you think that your reply will like feature message, then you can easily send a message without typing.

If you are a Gmail user, then sign in to your Gmail account or create a Gmail account to use those features.

  • Go to Settings option
  • Click on Try New Gmail
  • Easily use the feature to get a new experience.
  • If you don't like this, you can go back to old Gmail look.

But I would recommend you to use the new update for a better experience from my end. What is your opinion? Write a short note in the comment box.

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